Township Offers to Showcase Promotional Videos for Businesses

Montgomery Business Task Force calls for
“MONTGOMERY TOGETHER” videos from Montgomery businesses

Montgomery Township is working to help residents and businesses make the best of the current situation in which state guidelines and resident concerns may be impacting  patronage of local businesses. We’d like to invite your business to participate in a “virtual town square” at a website called Montgomery Together, both to help your business and to inform residents of steps you are taking to ensure the safety of customers.

We invite you to submit a 1-minute (maximum) video in which you describe your products, services, and operating procedures during the COVID-19 crisis. We’ll upload videos of any Montgomery-based business that meet the requirements described below. In addition to practical information, you can also have some fun with it, describing tips, recipes, and activities that will creatively showcase your business on the Montgomery Together website. And more importantly, remind residents of who you are so when you do re-open, they patronage your business. These videos can also be shared on many social media platforms using the hashtag #MontgomeryTogether.

Check out these pages at

Below are some guidelines:

  • Individual businesses’ self-made promotional videos about businesses that are operating in compliance with state rules and social distancing policies.
  • Shop owners sharing stories about getting their employees back to work and customers safely in and out of their shops can be a powerful call to action.
  • .Feel free to include tips, recipes, promotions, and activities that will creatively showcase your business
  • Footage recorded on any decent smart phone. High def (HD) or standard def (SD) videos in MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 format with extensions .mov., .mp4, .mpg or any other format uploadable to YouTube are acceptable.
  • Please be sure that any pre-COVID-19 footage does not include things that could be misleading or confusing for customers today, regarding social distancing.
  • “MONTGOMERY TOGETHER” videos should contain the business brand, its owner and/or staff.
  • We realize some merchants will have well-produced media and some will use a more native, grassroots style. Either choice is fine. The number of videos received will determine the turnaround.

Please email your video to Lori Savron, Planning Director, Montgomery Township: