Marriage License / Vital Stats


Montgomery Twp. Registrar services will be unavailable the week of September 6th to 10th and will resume Monday, September 13th. Please note appointments are required to apply for a license. If you plan on having a ceremony the week of September 6th to 12th please make sure to call the Health Department to make an appointment to apply by August 31st so you have time to pick up the license by Friday September 3rd. Any questions feel free to reach out to Registrar Jennifer Foster 908-359-8211 x 2227.
Montgomery Township Municipal Offices reopened to the public as of 6-14-21.  Masks are still required in the municipal building at 2261 Rt. 206, Belle Mead, NJ.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
We strongly recommend that anyone applying for a marriage license typically apply at least the week BEFORE the ceremony is to take place to ensure the timely completion of your application.  See above exception and instructions below.


Because there are no hospitals and no funeral homes in Montgomery Township, the local Registrar of Vital Statistics records very few birth and death certificates. Births and deaths at a hospital will be recorded in the town where the hospital is located. If you require a copy of a birth or death record that is on file locally, you may obtain a certified (sealed) copy of the document from the Registrar for $20.00 per copy by calling (908) 359-8211, extension 2227, or by mailing a request and providing the appropriate identifying information. The above linked title explains how to order a vital record from the State of New Jersey.  Appointment required.


Please note to fill ALL THREE TABS in below form.  Once complete, please make sure to click “Request Appointment” at bottom, select application and print, and bring to your appointment:

NJ Marriage/ReMarriage/Civil Union/Reaffirmation of Civil Union Application

An appointment is required to submit this form. Read instructions below carefully. Paper copies of the application form are also available in the Health Dept. office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What incorporated municipality do I live in?
It is important to know that in New Jersey, postal addresses are NOT necessarily the same as the incorporated municipality. While your postal address may be Skillman, Belle Mead, Princeton, Blawenburg, or Hopewell, the incorporated municipality definitely is Montgomery for Skillman (08558), Belle Mead (08502), and Blawenburg (08504) zip codes but may or may not be Montgomery Township for Princeton (08540) or Hopewell (08525) zip codes. A Princeton address can be located in any number of municipalities in several counties, for example. Unless you know for certain, it is ALWAYS best to ask the registrar how to determine the incorporated municipality in which you live.

Q. Do I need an appointment?
A. Yes, contact Jennifer Foster, Registrar of Vital Statistics, at (908) 359-8211 ext. 2227.

Q. How do I apply?
The prospective couple and a witness over the age of 18 will appear before the registrar in the appropriate municipality to apply for a license. By appointment only: Monday thru Friday between the hours of 9:00am and 3:00pm.

Please note: you cannot apply until you have a set date of marriage and have an officiant reserved.

Q. When?
You can apply for the license as much as six months in advance, but you must apply for the license at least 3 days (72 hours) before you want to pick up the license. Remember to account for weekends and holidays, when the Registrar is usually not available (i.e., if you want the license for a Saturday wedding, you must apply by the preceding Tuesday (or earlier, if Friday is a holiday).

Q. Where Should I Apply?
A. To know this you must answer several questions.

Does either party live in the incorporated municipality of Montgomery Township? If yes, apply to the Registrar of Vital Statistics in the Health Department in Montgomery Township. Call Jennifer Foster at (908) 359-8211 ext. 2227 for an appointment.

If not, does either party live in another municipality in New Jersey? If yes, apply to the Registrar in the incorporated municipality where either party lives.

A license issued under the previous circumstances is good for use anywhere in the State of New Jersey.

If neither party lives in the State of New Jersey, and they intend to be married in New Jersey, then they must apply for the license in the incorporated municipality where they intend to be married. The license is only good for use in that municipality.

A New Jersey marriage or civil union license may never be used outside of the State of New Jersey and a license issued in another state may never be used within the State of New Jersey.

Q. What do I need to bring?
Both parties will need to provide a valid driver’s license AND original birth certificates* or valid passports. If you have been married before and are divorced or widowed, you must know your ex-spouses full name, date your divorce was finalized, along with town and state where the divorce took place.  You will need to bring a copy of your divorce decree or the death certificate of your former spouse. At least one spouse-to-be must have documented proof that he/she is a resident of Montgomery Township. This can be a driver’s license or if driver’s license does not show a Montgomery address, you must provide a utility bill or bank statement showing a Montgomery address.)

You must know your social security numbers.

You must also know your parents’ names at birth along with where they were born.  It may be state or country.

The first page of the licensing application must be completed before your appointment.  Do NOT complete page 2. Please bring the form with you to your appointment.

Q. How much does it cost?
The marriage license costs $28.00, to be paid for at the time of application. You may pay with a personal check or with cash (if you pay in cash, please bring exact change.

Q. Does the Registrar have any evening or weekend hours?
Unfortunately, no, not at this time.

Q. How can I get a certified (sealed) copy of my marriage license?
You will need to request sealed (certified) documents from the Registrar of Vital Statistics in the incorporated municipality in which the marriage was performed, or from the State Registrar (this usually takes longer). You will need to provide the last name of the husband, the maiden name of the wife, and the date the marriage took place. Husband or wife may apply for certified copy. If you have the pink copy of marriage license please bring with you. If not please bring driver’s license with you for identification.

*Please note that as of July 1, 2010, residents born in Puerto Rico will have to obtain a new certified copy of their birth certificate under a new law passed by the government of Puerto Rico. Call 787-767-9120.