Restaurants – Winter Tenting Guidance

Last Wednesday, the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) released the below linked guidance for the use of outdoor space by restaurants and other businesses.  Please make note of the important and timely deadlines, which in part, include “an establishment must file the UCC permit application and request for a variation, if applicable, by November 30, 2020. In order to provide sufficient time for the processing of permit and variation applications, municipalities may grant establishments a two-week extension from the November 30th deadline to remove the tent, provided that the establishment has filed with the permit application a snow plan that will be put into effect in the event of a forecasted weather event occurring in the time period of the extension.” 

NJ Dept. of Community Affairs – Restaurants Outdoor Space Utilization During Winter Months (Winter Tenting Guidance)

This and previous guidance for Outdoor Dining and UCC/UFC can be found at: