Reminder on What Types of Businesses May be Open

Executive Order 107, a Statewide Stay-At-Home and Closure of All Non-Essential Retail Businesses Order, issued March 21st by Governor Murphy, remains in effect at this time.  This Order has not been altered at this time. The State has posted a guidance on what businesses may remain open at:

On May 6th, the governor extended the Public Health Emergency by 30 days to Monday, June 8th.  See Exec. Order #138 at:

Construction that is deemed essential is allowed to continue.  Construction not deemed essential was mandated to cease on April 10. See:

On April 27, the State Office of Emergency Management issued clarifying Administrative Order #2020-10 on essential retail businesses. See:

As of sunrise on Saturday, May 2, golf courses may open so long as they adopt minimum social distancing policies. State and County Parks and Montgomery Township Parks were also reopened at that time, and can remain open, as long as the public continues to follow social distancing restrictions carefully. The governor determined that schools must remain physically closed through the end of the school year.

Please follow these embedded links to see all gubernatorial EXECUTIVE ORDERS and all ADMINISTRATIVE ORDERS from the State Office of Emergency Management.

Source: State of New Jersey