Positive COVID-19 Cases in the Community

Statement from Montgomery Township Health Department
March 19, 2020

The Health Department has learned of at least two additional cases of coronavirus in our community, which are not connected to previously identified cases.

This is separate from the previously identified case reported of a student who attends LMS, announced last weekend. ALL LMS parents should monitor their children for fever and cough until March 24, and contact their health care provider should these symptoms develop. It is important to remember that children, like adults, may exhibit very mild or no symptoms and still be able to spread the virus.

Please do not call 911 with questions about coronavirus, unless it is an emergency. 911 is for emergencies.

The Governor has established a 211 hotline for information regarding coronavirus. Montgomery has also set up a Coronavirus hotline for questions: 908-533-9319

The facts cannot be ignored or minimized. The COVID 19 virus is already present in our community, regardless of anyone’s relationship to a specific case. The likelihood of more cases being detected in the community is high. It is critically important that all residents diligently and proactively social distance now and continue until our advisories change. This practice is intended to protect you and your families as well as the health and safety of the entire community.

Stay home. Avoid non-essential trips, and maintain a six-foot distance from other people when you must go out. Doing otherwise threatens your health and the health of others.

This is not the time for sleepovers, play group, birthday parties, friends over, or congregating of any kind.

This is the time when your actions can make the difference between life, illness, and death. They are necessary steps to proactively slow this outbreak. We have learned from countries with outbreaks – social distancing is essential, to reducing the risk of harm to the community.

For the latest information, continue to go to the Health Department’s COVID 19 webpage at:


Stephanie Carey
Health Officer
Serving the Township of Montgomery & the Boroughs of Hopewell, Pennington & Rocky Hill

P.S. See other announcement today with details about using our new call-in number.