NJ Poison Control Center Poison Prevention Week Video Contest

The New Jersey Poison Control Center is happy to announce the second annual National Poison Prevention Week Video Contest. This contest is open to all New Jersey residents from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Please forward this email/attachment to anyone who might be interested in participating in the contest.

All videos should be no longer than 2 minutes and should educate the public about the dangers of poisons and communicates ways we can all take responsibility for preventing poisonings while promoting the national poison helpline. All submissions should be submitted through the national contest website by January 15, 2020. Contest rules and submission requirements can be found through the official contest website; https://nationalpoisonpreventionweek.submittable.com/submit/147044/national-poison-prevention-week-video-contest.

All questions regarding this contest should be directed to the national organizers (call: 419-534-4700|email:poisonprevention@glm.com).

If you have an event coming up, would like to plan a program, or have any questions about National Poison Prevention Week/poison education in New Jersey please contact health education specialist, Danielle Bartsche (drb144@njms.rutgers.edu).

Thank you and GOOD LUCK!
The Public Education Department at the New Jersey Poison Center