Laughter Yoga

Laugh for the Health of It!

Free Laughter Yoga Group Sessions

8/15; 9/19; 10/17; 11/21; 12/19

4:00 pm – 4:45 pm

Live life laughing!  Want to discover how to let go of your worries and whatever is holding you back? Come and try Laughter Yoga. This is for the open-minded and the curious who want to learn to live more joyfully and be more present. In this series of summer and fall sessions, we laugh for no reason for the amazing health benefits and fun. Those who laugh regularly with sustained laughter report numerous changes including reduced pain, increased connection with others, better sleep, energy, mood and overall outlook.  Come join us and laugh for the health of It!!!

Please register at

Prevention Coalition of Mercer County
1931 Brunswick Ave.
Lawrence, NJ  08648