Healthy Holiday Tips

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Holiday Tips:

  1. AVOID OVERINDULGING -This includes food, alcohol, binge-watching TV, and impulse shopping on Black Friday. You’ll get a self-esteem boost from practicing self-control and feel better physically.
  2. FOCUS CONVERSATIONS ON POSITIVE TOPICS – It’s okay to ask your guests to refrain from discussing politics, tragedies, or gossip. In fact, most will welcome the respite from negative conversations.
  3. HAVE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE – Being thankful is what the holidays are all about. Make a list of reasons to be grateful and encourage loved ones to do the same.
  4. IF YOU’RE FEELING DOWN OR STRESSED, SEEK HELP – A professional counselor can help you improve your overall outlook, coping skills, and quality of life. Visit for more information about their FREE programs.