Board of Health Covid-Safe Community Pledge

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The Montgomery Township COVID-Safe Pledge affirms the following:

We pledge to:

  1. Value the health of others as well as our own health as we go about our essential activities, such as necessary healthcare, schooling, work, and local business. In this way, these activities can be AS SAFE AS POSSIBLE for EVERYONE until there is a safe, effective and available vaccine and/or an adequate treatment to prevent or cure infection, disease, or serious outcomes of disease.
  2. Remain aware of the risk involved in the activities we engage in and understand that the risks we take do not only affect ourselves, but also affect our family, friends, teachers, businesses and other members of our community.
  3. Follow – with support from the Municipality and institutions and individuals within -to the best of our ability national, state, and local public health guidance related to COVID-19.
  4. If necessary, quarantine if exposed, or if returning from travel in an area with high levels of the virus as designated by the State of New Jersey.
  5. Stay home – isolate – if we become ill with signs and symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or while waiting for a COVID test result until cleared to go out.
  6. Get tested if having signs and symptoms consistent with COVID OR having been in close contact with someone with COVID.
  7. Wear a mask/face-covering, over both nose and mouth, AT ALL TIMES when out and may be within 6 feet of others who are not members of our household.
  8. Practice social distancing, at all times, when outside of our home.
  9. Cooperate honestly and openly with contact tracing to protect the health and safety of others in the community.
  10. Be respectful of others in our community and commit to COVID-safe etiquette in the community.

These actions, if committed to and followed by the large majority of our community, will have a measurable effect of decreasing exposure, infection, disease, disability….and death. While we cannot change the virus, we can and must change our behaviors to lessen its impact on ourselves and others.


Dr. Jeremy Grayson, President
Dr. Kerry Anne McGeary, Vice President
Dr. Alex Wolfson, Secretary
Mr. William Bucci
Dr. Siddiq Faisal
Mr. Greg Kaganowicz
Dr. Om Sharma
Patricia Scully, MPH (MEMS), Alt. 1
Dr. Christine Newman, Alt. 2


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