Hopewell Valley Senior Healthy Living Fair Jan. 30

Hopewell Valley Senior Services Presents:

Healthy Living Fair

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Stop in between 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Hopewell Township Municipal Building Auditorium: 201 Washington Crossing-Pennington Rd, Titusville

Come and learn about nutrition, exercise, mental health, healthy living, and meet your Local Health Department, Emergency Services and Volunteer Groups.

Lunch will be provided by Brandywine Living at Pennington!

No registration required. For more information, contact Hopewell Valley Senior Services (609) 537-0236 or rknechel@hopewelltwp.org

In case of poor weather, the event will be held on January 31, 2020.

Pick up a FREE Radon Kit!

January is Radon Action Month

 Montgomery Township Health Department is offering free Radon Test kits starting January 1, while supplies last.

 What is Radon? Radon is an odorless, radioactive gas that is naturally present in the ground and enters houses through their foundations. When inhaled, it gives off radioactive particles that can damage the cells that line the lungs. Breathing radon for extended times increases the risk of lung cancer.

Where does radon come from? The soil. Radon is produced from the natural decay of uranium that is found in nearly all soils. Uranium breaks down to radium. As radium disintegrates it turns into radioactive gas…radon. As a gas, radon moves up through soil and into the air you breathe. Since radon is widespread and concentrations vary greatly from home to home, everyone home having contact with the ground should be tested.

How serious a problem is radon in our area? High radon exists in every state in the U.S. Montgomery Township and Rocky Hill Borough rank as Tier 1 radon potential, meaning there is a high radon potential for homes in Montgomery Township and Rocky Hill Borough. Levels of radon can not only differ from town to town, but from neighbor to neighbor. You might get a reading and your neighbor might net get anything. That is why it is important to have your home tested.

If your home’s radon level is elevated, the exposure could increase one’s risk of lung cancer. However, a home’s radon level can be substantially reduced. The cost for reducing radon in your home is $900-$1,500, and the investment could make a home easier to sell.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking and is responsible for several thousand preventable lung cancer deaths each year. Radon testing is a small investment that can pay big dividends for homeowners.

Please contact the Montgomery Township Health Department for more information and access to FREE radon test kits at (908) 359-8211 x227 or come pick up one today. Radon Kits will be provided on a first come first serve basis while supplies list.



Montgomery Township Health Department

(908) 359-8211



Information last updated: November 7, 2018

Health Walks in January

Wednesday, January 8 @ 10AM: RWJ HealthHike Walking Program: AMC Theatres in Bridgewater Commons Mall. Presentation by Navinder Jassil, Endocrinologist

Saturday, January 11 @ 9AM: RWJ Nature Walk: Duke Farms: Farm Barn Orientation Center

Saturday, January 18 @ 9AM: RWJ Ranger Walk: Duke Island Park by the Historic Raritan Power Canal.

Saturday, January 25 @ 9 AM: RWJ HealthPro Hike: Bridgewater Commons Mall. Presentation by Dr. Amanda Francis, DO, MPH.

Rabies Clinic Jan. 25

Rabies Vax Clinic Jan. 25
Posted on December 30, 2019

Free Rabies Immunization Clinics for Dogs & Cats
Sponsored by Montgomery Township Health Department/Animal Control

Protect your pet (and your community)!

Saturday, January 25, 20120

Montgomery Fire Company #2
529 Route 518 in Blawenburg

DOGS: 9:00 am – 10:30 am
CATS: 10:30 am-12:00 noon

Dog & Cat licenses will also be available for purchase 1/25/20 Only (cash or check):
$20 for a neutered dog, $23 for non-neutered dog,
$10 for a neutered cat; $15 for a non-neutered cat

For Safety’s sake at all clinics —

Please, no children under age 7.

Dogs must be on a short, sturdy leash—No retractable leashes!

Use of a soft muzzle is encouraged.

Dogs must be under control of an adult at all times.

Cats must be in a carrier

For more information, call Montgomery Township Animal Control 908-359-4308.


Who Can Bring Animals to our Clinics?

Any resident of New Jersey may bring their dogs and cats to any clinic held in the State. All dogs and cats over six months of age must be vaccinated against RABIES prior to licensing.

Please Note:
Montgomery Township Board of Health has an ordinance requiring that cats residing in the Township to be immunized against rabies. This began in 2016. The State of New Jersey law requires proof of the appropriate vaccination before a dog or cat license can be issued. Click HERE to learn more.

Why Immunize?
It is important for all pet owners to be sure their dogs and cats have protection against rabies. Some Montgomery Township pets have had to undergo quarantine because they were attacked by rabid wildlife (mostly raccoons). All pets that were currently vaccinated remained healthy during their ten day home quarantine period. The owners of pets that were not vaccinated at the time they were exposed to rabid wildlife had to choose to either euthanize their pet or quarantine their pet for a six-month period. (Quarantine periods are set by New Jersey State Law).

To learn more about preventing rabies, call the Montgomery Township Health Department/Animal Control at (908) 359-8211 ext. 247.

Destigmatizing Depression and Anxiety – Dec. 5

Thursday, December 5 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm @ RWJ Hamilton Fitness & Wellness Center, 3100 Quakerbridge Rd., Hamilton, NJ

Destigmatizing depression is beneficial for all of us. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, more than 15 million adults experience depression. Neurobiology, signs, and symptoms and treatment discussed.

Presented by Dr. Anjali Bhandarkar, MD, Board Certified Internal Medicine