COVID-19 Case Count 5-05, Dog Park Reopens & Tree Planting



As of 9 am today, 5/05:

NJ cases: 130,593

NJ deaths:  8,244

Somerset County cases: 3,820

Somerset County deaths: 306

Montgomery cases:  97

Montgomery deaths: 3

Rocky Hill cases: 6

Rocky Hill deaths: 0

Age Ranges of Cases in Montgomery & Rocky Hill:

5      <20

10      20-29

14      30-39

15      40-49

22      50-59

17      60-69

4      70-79

16      80+

Total 103 cases for Montgomery and Rocky Hill

34 presumed recovereda

a “Presumed recovered” means 30 days have elapsed since individual’s diagnosis and the person is not hospitalized.

The above numbers represent a snapshot in time, and will change daily or even hourly as new data come in. This represents only laboratory-confirmed cases, and does not include people who are sick but unable to be tested.  If you are experiencing cough and fever, you should isolate yourself from well family members, and stay home until 3 days after your symptoms resolve without medications. If your symptoms worsen, contact your health care provider for a telemedicine consultation. We continue to stress the importance of washing hands, maintaining social distancing, and staying home.

For further statistics, go to the Health Dept.’s COVID-19 portal:,  State of NJ DOH’s COVID-19 Case Chart , and

*****DISCLAIMER***** Reported numbers on this page may not match the figures provided on the Somerset County page.  This is due to differences in reporting times.

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Please note that effective tomorrow the Montgomery Township Dog Park will reopen. Social distancing practices and all current safety measures should be followed by the public when using the dog park. It is located behind the municipal building on Rt. 206 with a second entrance off Griggstown Road (behind The Grove at Montgomery).

Check out the new pathway behind the dog park that leads out to Estates Blvd. and Harlingen Road by Montgomery Veterans Park’s Upper Parking area.


Montgomery celebrated a virtual Arbor Day this year because of the coronavirus. The Shade Tree Committee was unfortunately not able to hold its annual Arbor Day program for the third graders at the Village School or traditional public ceremony to celebrate the planting of a tree for Arbor Day in Montgomery.

However, thanks to the Parks staff in Public Works, an “Appalachian Red” redbud tree was planted at the Otto Kaufman Center to celebrate Arbor Day. It is the smaller tree in the foreground of this photo; in a few years it will hopefully look like its companion tree in the background.

The Shade Tree Committee would like to remind everyone that now is a great time to plant trees. Our local nurseries are all open for business and have lots of trees to choose from.

For guidance on choosing a tree and how to plant and mulch, and other great tips, see links to articles at