4-16: Twenty-two New Cases; Township Returns to Yellow Zone; Montgomery Vaccine Clinics for Vulnerable; Hiring Election Workers; Deer Program Produces 10,000 Meals; Help Stop Spotted Lanternfly; COVID Report


There have been twenty-two (22) new confirmed COVID-19 case in Montgomery and Rocky Hill since our last report on Wednesday, 4-14-21.  Detailed case data are available at the end of this ebulletin.



Montgomery Township is within a three-county area that has improved to a rating of yellow from orange as the risk of COVID-19 transmission has moderated, said Health Officer Stephanie D. Carey at last night’s Montgomery Township Committee officer, which she called “good news.”

Weekly new cases in Montgomery were 31 for the week ending today. Three-quarters of the new cases have been among youth and adults under the age of 40.

Ms. Carey explained that the improving picture is the key reason why Montgomery Schools will be able to return to full-day in-person instruction in May. “We still need to be cautious about gatherings, especially indoors, until we reach herd immunity,” she said, warning that “mask-wearing and social-distancing are still necessary.”



A photo of Montgomery’s Health Department staff taken last week during Public Health Week.

The Montgomery Township Health Department is holding a vaccination clinic today and next Friday using the Moderna vaccine at the Otto Kaufman Community Center. The clinic is limited to those who cannot use the larger county and New Jersey vaccine sites due to language, internet, or transportation limitations. Food handlers are also being included due to their frequent contact with the public and working together in close proximity.

Montgomery and Rocky Hill residents who believe they may qualify should call 908-359-8211 x2400. If you have a neighbor who has limited language, internet or transportation capabilities, consider bringing this phone number to his or her attention.



The Somerset County Election Board is hiring voters to serve as poll workers for the upcoming Primary and General Elections in 2021.

Training is provided prior to every Election (online training now available) and poll workers are paid $200 per Election. For more information visit the Board of Elections website. You can also access the application online or call 908-231-7086.




Montgomery Township’s deer management program for the 2020-2021 season ended in early February, and the Township had a record number of venison donations to Hunters Helping the Hungry.

Hunters who participate in the Township’s program are able to take any deer that they cull, and have them butchered for personal use.  For additional deer that hunters cannot use, Montgomery provides a freezer and pays for butchering services, and the venison is donated to a food bank.

This past hunting season 72 deer were donated, which generated about 10,000 servings to help feed people in New Jersey facing food insecurity.  This is almost double the number donated last year.

The Township is currently conducting a Deer Density Data Collection Survey utilizing drones. The survey will take place from April 16 through April 20 at night between 8:30pm & 5:30 am. Data collected will inform the Twp.’s ongoing Deer Management Program.




Now is a critical moment for controlling the expected infestation of the spotted lanternfly, an invasive insect that is harmful to agriculture, forests, and home landscaping. The insects are getting ready to emerge from eggs, at which time they will be much more difficult to control.

Destroying  egg masses found on trees now is a “stitch in time”—people who take preventive action can reduce damage to their own properties. Residents are also encouraged to patrol parks and public areas, too. It is as simple as knowing how to recognize the egg masses and keeping an old credit card with you.

More information is available on the Montgomery Township website, including a video from the New Jersey Department of Agriculture for a demonstration of the egg mass-crushing technique.

The removal of the invasive Ailanthus Tree (Tree of Heaven) that attracts the spotted lanternfly is also recommended.



There has been twenty-two (22) confirmed new case in Montgomery and Rocky Hill since our last report on Wednesday, 4-14-21.


As of 9AM today, April 16

Montgomery cases: 1193

Montgomery deaths: 23

Rocky Hill cases:  29

Rocky Hill deaths: 1


Age Ranges of Cases in Montgomery & Rocky Hill:

292    <20

198    20-29

133    30-39

189    40-49

178    50-59

119    60-69

40      70-79

73      80+


1222 confirmed and probable cases for Montgomery and Rocky Hill in total, of which:

– 1162 presumed recovered a

– 36  currently ill

– 24 fatalities


a “Presumed recovered” means cases that have met the criteria for discontinuation of isolation. A minimum of 10 days from diagnosis, or three days after symptoms resolve, whichever is longer.

For further statistics, go to the Health Dept.’s COVID-19 portal: https://health.montgomery.nj.us/covid19/,  State of NJ DOH’s COVID-19 Case Chart , and https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/

Testing Site info found at: https://health.montgomery.nj.us/covid-testing/